Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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If you’re experiencing light surface blemishes and scratches on your hardwood floors, consider our light sanding service for restoration. This option is particularly beneficial if your floors have dulled over time and lost their appeal. Our specialized screen and recoat process targets surface-level scratches, rejuvenating the appearance of your hardwood floors. 



This involves using special pads and screens to remove the previous top layer coat on the floor


This process also called tacking remove any fine dust particles on the floor prior to finish application 


Here we apply the new polyeruthane finish to the floor. This protect the hardwood floor and give it a nice shine

Step #1 Screening

Screening is the initial stage of our Hardwood Refining procedure, aiming to eliminate the worn-out layer of finish from your hardwood floors. It works to erase scratches, scuff marks, dirt, and other imperfections on the surface. Additionally, this step facilitates the bonding of the new finish to the floor, ensuring a smooth and durable result.

Step #2 Clean & Tack

Cleaning and tacking is all about getting your floor sparkling clean prior to the finish application. We use special floor scrubbers and vacuums to get rid of any pesky dust particles. This step is super important because it makes sure your floor looks perfect once the polyurethane finish has dried. 


Step #3 Recoating

Recoating is the final stage of making your hardwood floors look great again. It not only adds a lovely shine but also acts as a protective layer, keeping your floors safe for many years. We always apply two coats of our strong floor finish to ensure long-lasting protection.


Check Out The Final Result

Final Result

After 2 coats of polyeruthane finish we get vibrate polished looking floor. Durable finish give this floor the needed protection and luster which should last for years. So wheather you are selling , buying or own a house and needs to refresh your floors. Our light sanding process might be the best for you . All job takes only a day to complete and floor will be available for use the same day. Contact us today for a free quote.